Henry "Angel" Santos - Photographer

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Angel has had a love for photography all of his life. He feels that photography is a way for him to imagine the world in a different light, create a magical feel, and Capture It, even if it is just a brief moment. 

"I want my images to urge you to show them off. Every single one of my clients adds to my passion and desire to do that much more with my art, and I am determined to set the bar of perfection higher with every photoshoot!"


  • Tampa (and surrounding areas), FL - Limited Time ONLY - August 2016
  • Texas (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston)
  • On Location - Tell Us Where We Need to Be for Your Perfect Shoot!



Elena Heard - "Jane" of All Trades

Elena runs the operations of the Perfection Studios alongside Angel. She has known Angel for over 13 years and is so proud to be his business partner. 

Elena is a VP in her "other life", but enjoys supporting Perfection Studios and watching Angel create beautiful art with his limitless talent. She believes in the ultimate love story, as well as new beginnings, and loves watching them come to life through his eyes. 


Photography (of course!), horseback riding (Western), fitness, learning (anything/everything), traveling, driving Angel crazy (her specialty!)



Interested in Assisting or working as a Second Shooter? Message us at with your info!